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2012 Solar storms create a beautiful aurora lights

on Wednesday, January 25, 2012 | 8:46 AM

Solar storms create a beautiful aurora lights. Burst of high-energy particles from the explosion of the sun that reach the Earth, Tuesday (24/01/2012) night, has created an awesome sight in the northern hemisphere sky. Electromagnetic waves that penetrate the atmosphere to create a colorful light known as aurora borealis.

Astronomers and travelers did not waste the opportunity to see such a rare sight. Some even up to hire a boat to see more clearly the aurora from fjord or lake in northern Scandinavia.

Aurora borealis in the sky Tromsoe, Norway, Tuesday (24/01/2012) night.
"It's really amazing. I saw the aurora first time 40 years ago and this is the most good," said John Mason, an astronomer from England on the deck of ship MS Midnatsol in a fjord in northern Norway.

Tour guides in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden, Andreas Hermansson, say, the aurora this time was the biggest in six years. He and his entourage using a bus of tourists enjoying success with the dominance of the green auroral light that danced in the sky on Tuesday afternoon for about an hour.

In fact, the aurora was reported visible from areas further south such as in Ireland and England before the storm the sun particles up into the atmosphere. However, according to physicist Doug Biesecker of the U.S. Meteorological Center, the light is probably due to the solar wind that carry waves of electrically charged particles rather than storm the sun.

Aurora borealis this time due to the explosion spot the Sun on the Sun 1402, Monday (01/24/2012) at 10:59 pm. The explosion was the strongest since 2005, entered in the Class M-9 alias is approaching the highest class (X-Extreme). As a result of the explosion, despite the high-energy particles and corona mass burst (CME) that move at speeds of up to 2200 km per second. Solar Storms always watch out because it could cause damage to the satellite devices and tools
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