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Radiation from solar storms not harm the human body

on Wednesday, January 25, 2012 | 8:48 AM

Radiation from solar storms not harm the human body. Do not worry with the caveat that the Sun could be causing radiation storms that can damage the human body. Because, basically due to the storm the sun radiation not cause such interference.

"Solar radiation storms can cause operational disruption of satellite and shortwave radio propagation, but does not interfere with humans on Earth," a statement from the U.S. space agency, NASA, on its website. Disturbances may also occur in mobile telecommunications, television broadcasting, and others if the burst of electrical particles disrupt satellites.

Explanation of the straightening of information circulating on the internet and BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) that the storm the sun creates radiation that the Earth's temperature increases significantly. Some people worry because the message is added warning that radiation can damage skin and radiation in cell phones.

As reported previously, the Sun has been an explosion on the sun spots 1402, Monday (01/24/2012) at 10:59 pm. The explosion was the strongest since 2005, entered in the Class M-9 alias is approaching the highest class (X-Extreme).

As a result of the explosion, despite the high-energy particles and corona mass burst (CME) that reached the Earth on Tuesday night at 21:18 pm + / ​​- 7 hours. Solar storms moving at speeds of up to 2200 km per second.

Solar storms also cause the aurora borealis or light colors in the sky during the northern hemisphere burst of electrically charged particles with high energy entering the atmosphere.
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